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Pen TP042, 3 in 1: flash + pen + ipad/touch screen stylus

3 in 1 Lead City University Pen drive
Pen drive available in 4GB, 8GB and more pen drive  
3 in 1: Ipad/touch screen stylus + writing pen + flash drive Pad printing on pen drive  

Crystal pen TP0352

Crystal Pen TP03504

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For custom made USB flash drive we can incorporate all the below features

Simply Preload
We pre-load files less than 100MB files free of charge but pre-loads over 100MB will be paid for.

As soon as the flash drive is plugged in, the preloaded file will pop up automatically.

Non-erasable file
Make all or some of your preloaded files non-erasable. This can also be used in autorun function.

Customized Icon Creation
The defaulted drive icon could be changed to customized icon